Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Amelia's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Amelia's 3rd birthday last weekend. She actually turns 3 this Saturday (11-27). She had her list of things that she wanted (a puppy, a guitar, and a red DS). I have to say we did pretty good, because we got 2 of the 3 items she asked for. I just don't think she's quite ready for a DS, so she'll be getting one of those learning handheld games for Christmas.

Anyway, she seemed to have a super time, and the first thing she did when everyone got here was open her presents. She tore through them like a professional!! She got a guitar, a stuffed puppy, a tricycle, a Toy Story Barbie, a Ken doll, Toy Story 3, and a talking Woody doll. She seemed pretty pleased with the stuff as she was going through them like crazy. Then, at the end of the gift opening, she said "I thought I was getting a DS?" Maybe that's why she was ripping through all that wrapping paper so fast!!!! She's still happy with everything she got and she plays with Woody all the time and takes him everywhere.

(^opening presents)
(^riding her new trike, its one of the only ones she's been able to pedal)

(^not sure what she's waiting for/upset about, but it's a cute pic!)

31 weeks-check up

So we've had a few appointments in the last few weeks to check my blood pressure. They started getting elevated readings (150s/90-100s), so the doctor has put me on blood pressure medication, and we had it rechecked this week (130s/70s). He's happier with these last numbers--so no bed rest yet!!!! Yay!!! The baby is doing really well--moving a lot and the heart rate has been 130s and 150s. I'm noticing that the heart rate seems to be lower numbers when the baby is sleeping (which makes sense!).

We had an ultrasound today to make sure the baby's fluids are okay and that the higher BP readings aren't affecting the little one. We didn't cave, so we still don't know what we are having. But we did get a 3D image of the baby's face (see below)!! The baby is measuring at 33 weeks 4 days (2 weeks ahead), the estimated weight is 4lb 7oz, and the heart rate was 154. We got to see him practice breathing and sucking his hand--so precious!!!

We can't see the mouth in this picture because the umbilical cord is covering it up, but he has the same button nose as Amelia, and he might be frowning by the looks of the furrowed brow.

Monday, November 8, 2010

29 Week Check-up

So we had a regular check-up today to see how the baby is doing. Everything is great! I measured right on, my BP was only 110/80 (super for anyone, and super-super for me!!! It's never that low!!). The baby's heartrate was 138, so it's dropped pretty regularly since the beginning. It was a pretty uneventful check-up, but always good to hear Little One's heart :)

Amelia has been saying the baby is a boy. On almost a daily basis, someone asks her if the baby is a boy or a girl. She must have been pretty fed-up with it last week because she said "The baby is a boy! Why you keep saying that!?!?!?"

I don't think she'll be disappointed if the baby ends up being a girl.... she'll probably be so caught up in being a big sister, she won't even remember what she said!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

So this year was a pretty special Halloween for Amelia, as it was the first we've actually been Trick-or-treating door-to-door. We borrowed a costume from our daycare provider (Thanks Julie!!), and it was quite a hit! We had tons of compliments, and people just thought it was hilarious.

Friday evening, Amelia and I went to Boo at the Zoo with our friend, Kirk and Rachel and their boys, Alec and Colton. Luke was out of town again, so he couldn't come. On Halloween night, we visited our next-door neighbors, and went across the street to say hi to Aunt Naynay. Then we jogged across town to visit Amelia's surrogate grandparents here in Lincoln, Jane and Dave Polson. We went inside and chatted with them for a bit and then we headed out to the Highlands to Trick-or-treat with a coworker of mine and her family. They have three boys, and one is just a few months older than Amelia, so he showed her the ropes.

It was a pretty nice evening, a little cool, but still comfortable. Amelia got the hang of it real quick and was hitting the houses like a pro. Since we've always gone to people we know, she was a little confused at first. She asked "Why don't we go inside their house?!?" But after a bit, she understood how it worked. At one house, she saw a giant TV on their wall downstairs, and she leaned over and said "What are you watching?" Little Miss Nosy!!! The lady laughed and told her they were watching football. At another house, where they also had a little girl about 2-ish, Amelia wanted to go inside and play with her toys. Then when we were leaving, she tried to take a toy lawnmower from their yard! Silly girl! Overall, we had a good evening with good friends. We didn't get as big of a stash as I thought we might, but that's good... last thing we need is candy lasting 'til next Halloween!!

^Amelia riding a chicken!

^We even got her in her carseat with the suit on!! I couldn't stop laughing!!

^Colton, Amelia, and Alec at Boo at the Zoo
^Baby and I dressed up too!