Thursday, January 20, 2011


So, as most of you already know, our little bundle of joy came two weeks ago!!! We are so excited and happy to have another addition to our family! Pierson Luther Proffitt came on 1-11-11 at 11:11 am, 19.5" long, and 6lb 15oz (111 ounces!).

On Monday afternoon, I went in for my weekly check-up. The office did want to move my Monday appt to Wednesday because the ultrasound tech wasn't able to make it in. But I had been getting high BP readings over the weekend, so I let them know that maybe he'd still want to see me in the office. I did go in, and my numbers were elevated--which meant the medication wasn't working as well anymore, so he decided we'd be induced that evening. He told us to go to the hospital at 10 pm on 1/10.

We got to the hospital that evening and got checked in. But had to wait 2 1/2 hours before we could actually start the induction. There were 4 women who walked in right before me who were already in labor, so the nursing staff had to take care of them first.
So at 12:30 am Tuesday morning, they finally got the induction started. So I cramped and had mild contractions until 7. Dr. Tomjack came in to check me and I was at 4cm, so he broke my water. I was going to try to do it with out an epidural. Around 9, the pain was really bad, and doc said I couldn't do any walking around to manage my pain, so after some bad words and mulling it over, I decided to get the epidural. I could have kissed the anesthesiologist when he came in!!! I told him so.

I was checked right after the epidural was in place and doing its job (it was beautiful), and had already dilated to 10!! I went from 4 to 10 in a little more than an hour!!! The nurse decided at 10:30 to do a "test push" to see how things were going. She asked for a half push, and quickly told me to stop. I guess she didn't want to deliver a baby by herself if she could help it. They called the doctor and the rest of the staff for the birth, and we got ready for go-time. We thought we might actually get our time of 11:11! Everyone was all set up and ready to go at 11:02 so I told the doctor we could go ahead if he was ready. He decided that since the baby was doing fine (according to the heartrate), we could wait and see if we hit 11:11. I think he liked the idea, too! So, we chilled for what may have been the longest 9 minutes of my life (with my legs in the stirrups). At exactly 11:11, the doctor told me to start pushing. In 3 pushes and 45 seconds, our little boy was here!!!!

I kept thinking we were going to have another girl, and was in for quite a shock when I looked down and saw that he definitely was not another girl! We're both still in disbelief that we have a boy!!
Pierson had a "true knot" in his cord--shown above his shoulder.

Amelia is a proud big sister, and the kisses haven't stopped!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just For Fun

I thought it would be fun to see how our little girl has grown and changed so much over the last few years!! Time goes too fast....

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a pretty good Christmas. It was fairly uneventful, really. Amelia let us sleep until 9:30--I figure with her understanding the "Santa gig" this year, it will probably be our last year sleeping in past 6/7. We'll see!

She didn't really notice the presents that Santa left at first, but she did notice the full stockings! We immediately opened presents, and obviously since she's been doing it for years now--she's a pro!

She got Candyland, a marble run set, and a Cat in the Hat DVD from Santa. Luke likes the marble run as much as she does, and has probably played with it more!!

We had a nice quiet day. Luke made a breakfast casserole for brunch and runzas later on for supper! He did a great job--they were both delicious!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous and blessed Christmas!! I know we did--we are so blessed to have our Amelia and each other :)

Santa Visits!!!!

After the Christmas Eve service, we were pleasantly surprised!!!! A gal from church arranged to have her son come over dressed as Santa to visit Amelia!!

She was in using the bathroom and undressing to get into her PJs when I let Santa in the front door. He was standing in the middle of the living room when she came tearing out of the bathroom in her underpants. She stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the dining room with the most hilarious look of surprise on her face!!!! I wish I had the camera ready for that one!!

She actually did pretty well with him (so no pictures of her crying or screaming). She didn't do much talking, but she did sit next to him on the sofa, and at one point even sat on his lap for a bit. She wouldn't tell him what she wanted for Christmas--even after prompting from me. He sat with her for a bit and gave her a stuffed penguin. All in all, it was a good visit from Santa!! She was waving at him from the front door when he was leaving and saying "Bye Santa!!"

35 & 36 week Check-ups

So we've had another two check-ups fly by! Time sure is zooming since we've been going every week (thank goodness!).

At 35 weeks (12/23), we had another ultrasound for fluid check, but the gal also did all the measurements for baby's size. They guess the baby was about 5# 11oz at that time (70-something percentile). Baby's heart rate was 129, then went up to 150s (I think Baby was sleeping, then woke up during the ultrasound). My blood pressure was really good (128/70). The non-stress test turned out fine also.

At 36 weeks (12/27), we did it all over again! The non-stress test and ultrasound went great. We got to see the baby practice breathing again--such a cool thing to see!! My blood pressure was slightly elevated (138/78), but still acceptable. He did point out that it was up a little from the week before, but he was still okay with it since it still appeared to be responding to the medication. We are at the point that if it starts to go up again, we will just skip bedrest or upping the medication and have an induction. But for now, he'll let me keep being pregnant!!! On a side note, I'm 36 weeks 6 days right now; this is the day in my pregnancy with Amelia that I had her! And another note, I had gained 40 lbs by this time with her. I'm only at 29lbs!!! Go me!!! Our next appointment is this Monday. I'm still hoping to deliver the week after (1/11/11 would be a sweet birthday!!).

I'm feeling great still! Having some trouble sleeping at night, between potty breaks and trying to get comfortable. My hips are starting to hurt, especially after sitting or standing for long periods of time. But I suppose both things are just my body's way of getting ready!!!!

The picture below is from the 36 week ultrasound. Still a beautiful baby if I do say so myself (I'm not biased or anything)!!!