Monday, February 28, 2011

Amelia-isms on death and time-out

~While we were in Kansas last week, Amelia asked my mother where her mother was. Grandma died a couple of years ago, so I attempted to explain where she is. I told Amelia that Grammy's mom died. She got a wide-eyed freaked out look on her face. I told her that grandma was very old and died so she could live in heaven with Jesus. She said, "Like when Jaymi's fish died. She flushed him down the toilet, and now he's in fish heaven. Like your mom is in mom heaven (to my mother)." Yeah, close enough....

The next day, she was playing with a stuffed bunny in a dress. She told my mom "Grammy, this bunny can be your mom, since your mom is in mom heaven."

*sigh* These life lessons are great, eh?

~Amelia was just put into time-out a bit ago for not listening. Pierson was very cranky today and it took some time to get him to sleep. He was sleeping when Amelia got home from daycare. She had been bugging him since she walked in the door. We told her many times to leave him be. But alas, she didn't listen, so off to time-out for Millie!

She was sitting in the corner (yes, her nose goes in the corner--it's what works right now) crying a little. Then about 2 1/2 minutes into her time-out, we hear, "Come on....beep." She knows she's released from time-out when the timer goes off. Luke and I had to hide our laughter!!