Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And so the sibling rivalry starts early...

So this past weekend Beth was having a scrapbooking weekend away with a friend so I was Mr. Mom all weekend. We had a great time together!

However, one of the funniest things that happened this weekend was when Amelia was playing very nicely by herself. Pierson was asleep in his swing, looking very peaceful. All of the sudden, out of nowhere Amelia shoots a grumpy glance at Pierson and says, very sternly "Don't touch MY stickers, Pierson!"

I about fell out of my chair laughing...


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mommy and Pierson

Here are pics comparing P and I at the same age.... (I'm the one in the dress.)


Coloring with Amelia this morning....

Amelia: "You're doing a great job, Mom!!"

I love any kind of encouragement I can get--I'm not gonna lie...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You make me laugh!!!

I have Amelia in the bath right now. And during her bath, I'll sit at the computer while she plays with her toys--its where I can sit and see her in the tub at the same time. But sometimes I'll walk away for a brief moment where I can't see her. So I'll say, "Amelia, what are you doing?" Just to make sure she's okay. Because if she answers, obviously she's doing fine!

Tonight I walked to the living room area to show Jaymi something. So I said, "Amelia, what are you doing?" She said, "Why do you always ask me that?" Then she says, "You ask a lot of questions...."

Maybe I've said that to her a couple of times??