Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Update

We had our regular check up today on Baby #2! We are at 25 weeks right now. I measured 25 cm, so baby growth and weight gain for me are right on. The baby's heart rate was 148, so it's still about the same. My blood pressure was a little elevated, but nothing to worry about now. We'll just watch it and make sure I'm not getting headaches or blurred vision. And yay!! I passed my glucose test with flying colors! I guess all that studying helped :) Our next appointment is in 4 weeeks, then we start going every 2!! Time sure flies--I can't wait to meet this baby!!!! :)

Here are some bump pictures:

(20 weeks--9/5)

(25 weeks--10/11)

Amelia the Hilarious

Since I'm behind on posting on some of the funny stuff Amelia says I'm going to post several from the last few weeks here!!

*A couple of weeks ago, Jaymi was rubbing my belly and she said, "Amelia, is my baby sister in here?"

Amelia: "No!"
Jaymi: "Well, then is my baby brother in there?"
Amelia: "There's only one, Naynay, you have to share!!"

*Last weekend, we were at a restaurant and it was Luke's turn to take Amelia to the bathroom. When he came back he told us what she said in there...... "Hannah says this is a 'magina' (pointing to her privates), but it's really a 'peepee'!!!!" She kept saying 'magina' at the table very loudly, and we had the attention of the entire section.... we had to tell her it's not a bad word, but she shouldn't say it so much! Silly child!

*We were eating after church yesterday, and Amelia was offering up some of her fruit to everyone at the table. She asked me if I wanted a green one (honeydew). I said no, but asked "Can I have a yellow one?" She said sassily, "I think you forgot something....." I guess even I need to be reminded to say please!!

*Last night we were coming home from some friends' house and Amelia saw a big semi truck with people on the side. She said, "Did you see that truck with people on it?" We told her we did... she said "They buy people??" I guess she's more used to seeing trucks with cupcakes and chips on the side!