Friday, July 30, 2010

Amelia's Imagination

Amelia has really been into Blue's Clues for awhile now. She gets on kicks where she'll only want to watch the same two or three episodes over and over again (and on a side note, I'll have songs from the episodes stuck in my head for days!!). Right now she particularly likes the soccer episode.

It's really quite adorable: Joe is the coach who is organizing soccer practice for Blue and her friends. And they do stretches and exercises at the beginning, and then have a round of practice. So, while we were watching Project Runway last night, Amelia starts rummaging through the desk drawer where we keep the chapstick. She's allowed to, as long as she uses some and puts it back. But she suddenly pulls out this chapstick on a rope and puts it around her neck. Then she runs over and grabs one of the dogs' squeaky soccer balls and sweeps her arms in a circle in front of her and says "Come here everybody!!" (But so cute, sounds more like "Eddrybody"). Then she blew her "whistle!!" It took all of us a couple of seconds to register what she was doing, but it was soooo funny!! It's so amazing to see her imagination at work and growing all the time!! I'll try to get a picture of Amelia the Coach up later today.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Amelia is a big girl!!

Little Miss Amelia got her first haircut last Friday. Julie said her sister would cut it for us if we wanted her to--it was always in her eyes! I just asked that she do two things for me: 1. Take pictures of her getting her hair cut, and 2. Keep her hair for me! So, the deed is done. I almost didn't recognize her when I walked in! I watched her finish up, and it was really hard not to cry. Our Amelia doesn't look like a baby anymore--she looks like a little girl!!

Another big-girl step for Amelia--lately she has been using the potty! She went all weekend (minus nights) in panties, and didn't have a single accident!!! She's been putting a sticker on a chart everytime she goes on the potty. This method has worked well--I think she likes to SEE her progress. My favorite, though, is when she accompanies me to the bathroom. She waits for me to go, and when I do, she says "Yay Mommy!! What a big girl!! You want a sticker?!" I do. But I don't tell her that....