Sunday, August 25, 2013

About My Dad.... by Amelia

For Father's Day this year, I asked Amelia some questions about her father.  Thought I'd share her answers here!

1.  What is something your dad always says to you?
~"Pick up your toys."
2.  What makes dad happy?
~Me!  (Amelia)
3.  What makes dad mad?
~When I don't pick up my toys
4.  How does your dad make you laugh?
~Tells me funny jokes--if they're funny.
5.  What did your dad like to do when he was a child?
~Watch his favorite movie.
6.  How old is your dad?
~ 32 (He's 33)
7.  How tall is your dad?
~I don't know.  I never measured him.
8.  What is his favorite thing to watch on TV?
~Grown up shows.  That one where they tell people how much it is.
9.  What does your dad do when you're not around?
~Types and calls (at work).
10.  If your dad becomes famous, what would it be for?
~ A movie star.
11.  What is your dad really good at?
~Making paper airplanes and castles.
12.  What is your dad not very good at?
~Not very good at setting up a "real-real tent"
13.  What does your dad do for his job?
~Works at a "hotella."  Calls people.
14.  What is your dad's favorite food?
15.  What makes your proud of your dad?
~When he gives me presents.  More prouder, and money.
16. If your dad were a cartoon character, who would he be?
17.  What do you and your dad do together?
~Went and got chocolate covered strawberries for mom.
18.  How are you and your dad the same?
~We both have an 'A' in our name.  And we have blue eyes.
19.  How are you and your dad different?
~He's kinda lazy and I'm not.
20.  How do you know your dad loves you?
~Because I give him things I made.
21.  What does your dad love about your mom?
~He loves her.  He likes her cooking.
22.  Where is your dad's favorite place to go?
~Carlos O'Kelly's.

E is 9 months!!!

Eleanor Rae is 9 months old this month!  She was 9 months on August 6 with her check up being on the 14th.  She weighed in at 19lb 10oz (50-75%) & 26.5" long (10%).  We don't grow 'em tall, that's for sure!!  She's our quishy little Miss!!  She's crawling all over the place--we can never find our baby where we leave her--and she is venturing into other rooms so we have to make sure we close the doors.  We've installed a baby gate this month because a dining chair across the top of the steps was just not going to cut it for much longer.  At 9.5 months, she pulls herself to standing beside EVERYthing.  We officially have to put stuff above sofa height.... how does a 2 foot tall baby have a 5 foot reach anyway?!?!

She still doesn't eat a lot of foods and prefers to nurse, and often.  We tried giving her pieces of food big enough to just feed herself, but she just squishes it on the tray and grows bored with it.  But the last few days, we have been sharing from our plates and giving her bites off our forks, and she will accept it with gusto!

She does love to eat anything that she finds on the floor, but her favorites are paper and flip flops.  Never mind the basket of appropriate toys in the living room... oh no, she has to chew on any and every foam shoe she comes across.  She's like having a puppy--or is having a puppy like having a crawling baby?  Whatever.  Oh, and I'm always fishing parts of Amelia's artwork from her mouth.

She loves baths and being outdoors.  She's definitely still a mama's girl, but hey, who doesn't love an endless buffet?  She makes a "ma-ma" sound, and I'm pretty sure she has attached the sound with the person (me).  She also makes a "da-da" and "pa-pa" sound... though, I'm not sure she's attached those to anybody in particular quite yet.

This little girl smiles with her whole face and has the best laugh.  Her brother and sister love her a lot--they are always kissing and loving on her, whether she wants them to or not (more often its not)!
                                                 Hand-me-Down PJs from my big brother!!

                                                      ^With Big Sister A at Lost in Fun
                               ^Actually 8 months in this photo, but (sorta) loving some melon!
                                                           ^Loving bathtime!!!!
                                                           ^9 months + 1 day in this photo