Sunday, May 29, 2011

Amelia the Budding Photographer

Amelia asked if she could take some pictures with our camera today. We figured she could take a few. Once she got her hands on it, we couldn't stop her! These are some shots we thought we'd share.

This one's not too bad! I think I'll frame it for her:

An abstract photo:

Her self portrait:

I think she has an emerging talent!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Chubby Funster

Pierson had his 4 month check up this past Wednesday (5/11). Our boy is 14lbs 6oz (26th percentile), 23 1/4 inches long (1st--yes, that's right, first percentile), and 16 1/4 inch head (25-50 percentile). He's doin' great and growin' up!! He had two shots and fussed the entire time afterwards until we left. The poor fella had a terrible afternoon--when we were leaving the clouds opened up and dumped rain on us before we could get in the car. He was NOT happy, and let us know for several minutes!

Pierson at (1 day shy of) 4 months:

A & P

I thought it would be fun to put pictures of each of the kids at 3 months side by side. You can tell they're related, but they look so much different!!! Where does the time go!?!?!

Amelia Jean Marie

Pierson Luther

Friday, May 13, 2011

Running away....

The other day I was home with the kids on my day off. I was especially exhausted as Amelia hadn't been a very good listener. I didn't think she was paying attention and I told Luke I was gonna run away from home. She said, "Nooo, don't run away!!! I would miss you...." How sweet!!!!

Just now in the car we were talking about that, and I told her I would run away to Kansas. She said, "But your legs would get very tired...." Too smart, this one is!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We just got some pictures done with our lovely photographer this last Saturday!!!

Check out the link:


Playing catch up

So it's been too long since we've blogged. Just have a few stories to post on things Amelia has said/done.

**Indroducing her baby brother to the neighbor boys down the street a few weeks ago:
Amelia: "This is my baby brother. He's the 'rugliest, tugliest' little boy I know!"

**The other night she wanted to watch a movie before bed, so I told her I would set a timer so she could watch it until the timer went off. I told her when it beeped, she had to turn it off and go to bed.
Amelia: "Make it a long timer, this is a long movie!!"

**She's been working on the bowl of jelly beans we have sitting out. She had a bunch of them last weekend when Luke told her no more. She grabbed a couple more, and he said... "Put them back!" She walked toward the bowl, reached like she was putting them back, did a half-turn away from us and stuck the jelly beans in her mouth during the turn. So smooth lemme tell you. Sneaky little turkey.