Thursday, January 9, 2014

Last couple of months of 2013!

Just wanted to give a quick update on the last few months, since I haven't been very good at updating the blog.  (whoopsies!)

1.  Amelia is doing amazingly in school!  She is like a sponge, absorbing everything she can--even things we'd rather she didn't.  We can't spell words in front of her as often as we used to, and when we do, we have to spell fast, hoping she doesn't catch on.  She recently (this week) earned her name and photograph on the wall for recognizing all her letters and sounds.  She's always trying to sound things out to write sentences on her own.  For example "Betil is in the bathroom." ("beetle is in the bathroom"--she did ask for help on what makes the "th" sound)... and then she said "It needs a period right, because it's a sentence?"  Please, look for her book on shelves in the next couple months, folks.... she'll be writing one by then, I'm sure....

She didn't care for the fact that there was no school on what was supposed to be the first day back after school break. She stomped her foot in the kitchen at me, like I can change the fact that it was supposed to be -25F outside the next day.  I'm glad she loves school so much--I give it two more years before she's begging for a snow day! 

2.  Pierson is potty training!  One day he just wanted to wear underwear and off we went!  We did full-blown underwear during the day and pull-ups at night.  He did the pull-ups for about 3 weeks, until recently when he decided he didn't want to wear them to bed anymore.  He wakes up dry every morning, so we decided to go ahead with that.... but of course, it happens just when I buy a giant pack of pull-ups and we've only used 4.... (oh well) Haha!!  He's only having an accident about once every other day now, and it's usually when he has to go, but doesn't right away, and then gets sidetracked so he potties in his pants.  I'm glad to report the last few days have been awesome because he has actually been doing the #2 in the potty too!  Sorry, if TMI, but it is a big deal to not have to hose out and bleach underwear daily!  And I'm so proud of how fast he's catching on!!

I'd also like to add that he is nothing less than a normal two-year-old when it comes to his behavior.  He has definitely been the most exhausting lately with his outbursts.  He is so incredibly strong-willed and stubborn, and will often scream louder than you are talking, just so he doesn't have to listen.  We have had to do far more time-outs with this one and he often spends several minutes in his room just cooling down.  Boy, he sure does keep us on our toes.  He is still quite the lover tho, and if he slows down for more than a couple minutes, you might get a snuggle or hug or kiss from him.  Pierson quote that melted my heart recently:  "I love you faster, Mama."

3.  I've decided to run Amelia's Daisy Girl Scout Troop. We've had one meeting so far, and she just loves it.  She was disappointed when we had to cancel our December meeting.  I've gone to lunch with her at school and seen her flash her GS friends the GS sign!  So cute!  (PS If anybody needs cookies in February, you have a connection now--she'll be contacting folks soon to sell you tons of boxes!!)

4.  Eleanor started walking at the end of the year. She's not super fast yet, but she gets around!  She had a great first birthday in early November.  She actually got into opening gifts at her party, and P and Mimi were ever helpful and pretty much opened the second half of all her gifts.  She is also very jealous of her new cousin, Faye.  She can't stand it when I'm holding her and will pretty much use all of her strength to, unsuccessfully, push her off my lap.  But I'm sure they will be best friends, eventually!

I will update soon on Christmas and the kids' birthday!!