Monday, August 22, 2011

Compliments from Kids

Compliments from kids crack me up and Amelia is no exception, that's for sure! Last night she went into the bathroom to go poop. When she was done she called me in to help her wipe and when I was done wiping her she said, with a smile:

"Dad, you are the best bottom-wiper EVER!"

Cracked me up!


Monday, August 1, 2011

P is 6 months!

Pierson had his 6-month check up on July 13th. He's still not the tallest guy in town at 25 inches (2nd percentile--up from 1st percentile at his 4 month check!), but he makes up for it in the weight category at 16lb 13oz (35th percentile). Dr. Amy was also pretty impressed that he makes a "da-da-da" sound! He's definitely more mobile than he ever has been. We no longer find him in the same spot we left him, that's for sure! He's a rock-solid sitter, has been since 5 months.

Pierson at 6 months:

Pierson crawls at 10 days shy of 7 months!! We actually caught on video his first time crawling!! He's been doing a modified army crawl for several weeks, but this is his first time moving forward on his hands and knees.