Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's almost time....

I can't believe she is over 5 1/2 already!  This girl amazes me every single day with her smarts, beauty, and talents!  Right now, she loves to draw, watch TV, and ride her bike... but not for too long.  She's so generous, and is always drawing pictures or making cards to give to her friends and family.  She loves to hang her artwork throughout the house, or in the van.  Her bedroom door is covered in papers, and they always spill into the living room or line the walls up the stairs.  If I make it down to the scrapbooking room, she is always right beside me on the floor making projects.  When she is excited about something, she doesn't always show it, but wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to things or people that hurt her feelings.  She's very sensitive, and punishments are pretty easy because she has a tendency to punish herself when she's done something wrong.  She's very direct in what she says to people and we are always working on making sure we say things in a nice way so as not to hurt people's feelings.  Amelia has a pretty good sense of humor, and definitely takes after the Gipson side with what she finds funny.  She has this rubber rat that we are always finding under our pillows, sneaky girl...

Last week we had Amelia's appointment at the pediatrician for her Kindergarten physical.  I'm proud to announce that she's the most perfect 5-year-old and she did a great job!  There were minimal tears (from both of us), so it was definitely a success! 
In the waiting room!

When we got there she received a sticker book where she placed stickers she received after completing each "station" in her appointment. Miss Amelia is 44" and 41 lbs. She's a string bean! She had her blood pressure checked....

She had her hearing tested: 

She received her "Class of 2026" shirt.... *tear*

Then she got her shots where she did cry, but didn't make too big of a fuss (not gonna lie, I want to cry everytime I get a shot too!).  She did an amazing job (no pictures of her tear-stained face.... sorry)!!

Dr. Bargen came in and checked her out.  She asked her questions like where she lived, her address, numbers, colors, etc... Of course, she did great answering all the questions.  Dr. Bargen is such a great doctor and she said, "I'll bet this is a bittersweet moment for you... Sending your baby to Kindergarten!  I'm just her doctor, and it makes me sad how fast she's growing up!"  THAT'S the point where I almost cried... Thanks a lot Dr. Amy!!!  (Just kidding.... we love her to pieces!!)

After the appointment, she was able to go to the party room where she had a snack and made a couple of projects.  Even though this appointment was about her, she really wanted to make sure she got her friends at daycare some stickers, too....

Amelia at 5.5, and at a few days old:



So Amelia is starting Kindergarten this fall.... Un.Believe.Able.  When did she grow up?  Why didn't someone let us in on this?!

We had kindergarten orientation Tuesday, May 14.  I was getting Amelia and I ready while we waited for Luke to come home so we could go.  I fixed her hair and got her dressed and while I was changing my clothes, we caught a peek at A in the kitchen putting on lip gloss after she was just downstairs picking out a necklace that matched her outfit.  You have to understand, this girl would LIVE in her pajamas if mom and dad let her and if it were socially acceptable (not sure at all where/whom she gets that from.....ahem).  To see her excited enough to be concerned about her appearance was nothing less than a shock.... she's growing way. too. fast......

We met a family from church at their house so we could walk to the school together.  She and Brennan are both starting this year.  I'm so glad they have each other :)

Here are two of the members of the class of 2026.....

                                                                    Amelia and Brennan

Meeting one of her teachers

Amelia was super excited to visit the school and was bummed that we couldn't/weren't staying longer.  They took the kids to see the classroom area while they oriented us parents.  And I'd just like to put this out there--I was not one of the crying mothers when the kids left the cafeteria (this time).  First day of school, however, I will be a snotty mess--I guarantee it.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

What a big boy!! (P's 30-month check-up)

Our sweet boy turned 2 1/2 on Thursday, July 11!  He is a sweet, charming, stubborn, strong-willed little boy.  He loves sports--every.single.sport.  I'm not sure where this love comes from, as we are not really involved in sports beyond attending a few Saltdogs games and Husker football (GBR!).  But he is so obsessed that he will watch anything from wrestling to tennis to baseball.  He's full of energy--all boy, all the time.  He loves Blue's Clues, Team UmiZumi, motorcycles, everyone's flip-flops, and his bat, glove, "real" baseball, and scooter.  His favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and hot dogs and popsicles, but he will eat nearly anything, or at least try it. 

He's so very smart, telling us his shapes and colors.  He can count things pretty well, up to 4 without fail and sometimes further depending on his mood.  He can rote count up to 10.  He can participate in pretty decent conversations and loves to pray at the dinner table.  He's pretty good at throwing and very good at riding his scooter, or "motorcycle."  He's not potty training yet, but I'm sure it will come on his own time.  He's pretty good to his sisters, and loves them dearly, but can be rough with E and a pest to A.  If you tell him "I love you," he responds with "Thanks!"  He and A are finally getting to a stage where they play well together, and its one of the sweetest things to see.

Dr. Bargen was impressed with his motor skills and she compared him to a three-year-old or higher.  Our little guy is 11th percentile at 34 inches, and 29th percentile at 27.8lbs.

Our Boy:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Beautiful Babies!!

All three of our beautiful babies at about 7.5-8 months.  Just because I can't help myself.