Sunday, April 13, 2014

Update on the Kiddos!

So, I've officially decided that I'm terrible at keeping up with a blog.  Just as it is for everybody, things just get too crazy from October through February.  I'm pretty sure that I didn't blog for at least 4 months at this time last year, too.  At least I'm consistently awful at this.

So the kiddos:

We had a great Christmas (all three of them!), and we loved visiting with our families!  Amelia is always super sad when her cousins leave to go back to Kansas.  Glad that, even with the distance, she can still have a good relationship with her cousins!

1.  Amelia is doing really well in school.  We just had her parent/teacher conferences recently, and Ms. Loos informed us that she is already reading like she should be at the end of kindergarten.  So she's a whole quarter ahead in reading!  And a few weeks ago, we received her report card.  While walking across the playground at school, Mimi said "Please let it be all 3's and 4's."  Not sure where this need for perfection came from (haha!!), but she did, indeed receive all 3's and 4's.  Last night, she didn't want to listen to me read "Are You My Mother?" for the umpteenth time (Pierson's choice), so she took over and read the middle third of the book!  We are just so in awe at how much she's learning and how fast!  We are kind of nervous for the point in her schooling when we can no longer help with her homework.  At the rate she's going, I think it will be 3rd grade when she will surpass us!  We learned to tie our shoes in Kindergarten, and she's reading!!  Yikes!!

Girl Scouts are going very well!  Amelia seems to enjoy being around the girls for meetings and when we had a cookie booth.  She likes to wear her tunic to school and church.  I hope she sticks with it for awhile.  I'm excited for when our troop can start doing some stuff outside of our meetings!

2.  Pierson seems to be enjoying staying home with Aunt Naynay during the days.  Although he did ask yesterday "Naynay, why do you always come over?!"  He's like every typical 3 year old--very outspoken and busy.  Most recently, my sister has taken on watching another little boy and they are best buddies!  I just love that he has a playmate.

He's still super interested in sports, and yesterday we went to the Spring Game.  He liked being at the football game, but was even more interested in the track meet that we walked past after the game.  He was GLUED to it.  We watched several runners and a few high jumpers--not sure he'll ever be tall enough to be one of them, but he sure liked to watch!!

3.  Eleanor Rae is talking so much now!!  She's up to dozens of words and repeats nearly everything!  We've also been working on more signs with her, and she now does "help, kitty, puppy, milk, owie" and a few others.  It's just the cutest thing!

We recently got the movie "Frozen" and this one loves to sing along with "Let it Go!"  It mostly sounds like "Goooooo, goooooo" but it sure is adorable!

I will have to end this for now, but will try to get some pictures and updates of our holidays and new family pictures posted.

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