Sunday, November 17, 2013

Eleanor is ONE!!!

I can't even handle how fast the time is flying!!!  It is getting downright ridiculous now!

Miss Eleanor Rae turned one this November 6.  Our BABY is ONE!!  I'm sorry, I keep repeating it.  I'm just in disbelief.  She is on the go and constantly moving.  She is starting to sleep through the night more often (which has been a huge blessing).  She crawls and pulls herself to standing next to the furniture or anything that is stable enough for her to do so.  She cruises along the furniture with ease, but pretty much refuses to let go and walk.  She gets really nervous when you are holding her hands to help her take a few steps; she is definitely afraid of falling down.  I'm so okay with her not walking yet; after walking is running, and we have two others to run after!

She likes to play with her brother and sister, but doesn't like it if they try to man-handle her or be really rough with her.  Although, I think she will be a very tough little girl with her Big Brother P around.  I feel like a broken record of three-word senteces.  "Leave her alone" "Please play nice" "Don't carry her" "Don't choke her" (you get the idea).  In any case, I think she will eventually learn to hold her own, and will probably retaliate one of these days (watch out P, you got it comin'!!)  I should also mention she has 6 teeth and I fear she will begin to use them soon.  She uses them on me, anyway... I think her brother is next.

She's a smart girl, and has been working on putting things inside of containers or the like.  It's quite adorable to watch her little mind work.  She's a pretty vocal child, and just the other day she expressed her anger with me by screaming right at me when I took something away from her.  She screamed.  Right at me.  Please tell me this is not a glimpse into our future with this girl-child.....  She can speak about 12-15 words or sounds that have meaning (the beginning of words).  Including:  baby (her favorite word right now, I think), mama, dada, pup-y (puppy), more, bye-bye, nigh (night).  She can also sign "more" and "all done".  Eleanor waves bye-bye and blows and gives big open-mouthed kisses.  She's an amazing eater, and sometimes eats almost as much as her brother (who also has a very healthy appetite!!).  She's not big on meats, but will devour vegetables and fruits.  She didn't care too much for her birthday cake(s) either.  We had to put her hand in her mouth to get her to try the cake, or she would eat it off the fork.

She's finally not such a big mama's girl, but this mama is okay with that.  I'm happy to see her going to other people with ease when I'm around.....  She still loves bathtime.  She recently loves books, and has always loved to eat paper and napkins, but is getting better at not putting EVERYthing in her mouth.  She also loves to "help" in the kitchen.  Not sure how I would ever get the dishes done without her.  Her favorite things are sitting on the dishwasher door and pulling stuff off the rack and pulling all the kitchen towels out of the drawer.  Good thing she's just too cute for words, because she makes housework twice as long!!

At her 1-year check, she was 19lb 15oz (25-50 %), and 27.5" (3rd %).  Dr. Amy was impressed with her speech and development.... also another reason why I'm cool with a little bit later walker--I'll just bet she's brain-building with all her energy!! Haha!!
                                                           Eleanor Rae at about 1 month
                                                                 Eleanor Rae at 1 Year

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