Saturday, November 16, 2013

It is done. (A post I wrote awhile ago, but didn't publish til now)

So we sent our first baby to Kindergarten.  We did all the obligatory 'first day of school' shots in front of our house and then we all loaded up and went to the Berger household. 

We walked with them to the school where we waited outside for them to have the kindergarteners line up. 

Daddy and I were able to contain our emotions up until this point.  It wasn't until her teacher's name was called and we had to say good-bye that Daddy got choked up and I couldn't even actually say good-bye or I would've officially lost it.

After all the students went inside, many of the parents (probably the ones sending their first babies to school that day) stood around outside with a lost look on our faces until the Principal told us we could rally together and go into the cafeteria where they would show some short video clips of their first morning at kindergarten.  We waited about 20 minutes for them to finally bring in a camera that had clips of all the classrooms getting a start to their day and getting together to sing good morning songs!  It was so exciting that Amelia was in the front of the group while they sang, so we had a perfect view of her!  I almost lost it a second time when they were telling us about the kindergarteners eating lunch with the 5th graders so that the older students could help the little guys open milks and get through their first meal at school.... I imagined my baby eating lunch in a big cafeteria with all those kids, and needing help--but I'm not the one helping this time... *tear*

Next, Luke, James, Dana, and I went to drown out 'first-first' day of school sorrows in pancakes and eggs at IHOP.  (Why didn't we go to a bar?!)

Then in order to take our mind of the fact that we still had a couple hours until we could rescue our kids, Dana and I went to get pedicures.

Finally!!!!!!  It was time to pick up our babies!!!!  Here's where I got choked up again--outside the school waiting for my girl to come out the doors and greet me!!!  She is such a big girl!!!

I wanted to know what happened everysinglesecond of her day, but these were the type of answers I got to my questions: "Good," "Fine," "Chicken nuggets," "I don't remember."  I don't think she understood my need to know what happened while she was away from us!!!!  Or, she just really couldn't remember....
She took to school like a fish in water.... she will be an amazing student, and I hope she has tons of fun, learns a lot, and makes so many new friends.  We just love our girl....

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